Aircraft Noise Management

Invercargill Airport is an important gateway that connects our community, businesses and visitors to the Southland region and beyond. While these connections present a number of opportunities for our community, we are mindful that we need to carefully manage our operations to ensure that these opportunities do not undermine our function as a good neighbour and trusted member of the community.

Activities at Invercargill Airport are managed by the Invercargill City District Plan. This plan sets out what activities can occur at the airport and puts controls on them to ensure the effects on the environment are appropriately managed. This include controls around the amount of noise that can be generated by aircraft using the airport.

The aircraft noise management controls set out in the plan are based on best practice and are guided by the New Zealand Standard for Airport Noise Management and Land Use Planning NZS 6805:1992. Invercargill Airport periodically engages independent acousticians to undertake aircraft noise modelling to confirm compliance with the controls set out in the Invercargill City Plan. This modelling has shown that Invercargill Airport operates well within the permitted limits of the Invercargill City District Plan.

If you have any questions regarding noise management at the airport or wish to contact us with an aircraft complaint or enquiry please email