Itinerant Aircraft

Conditions of Use

It is a condition of using the Invercargill Airport that the Pilot in Command agrees to the Conditions of Use and abides by these conditions for the duration of their operations here.

For a copy of the Conditions of Use document please email the Airport Operations Manager on the email below.

Runway Details.

Sealed runway 04-22.

  • Landing distance 2030m
  • Width 45m
  • PCN 40 F/B

Further aerodrome data available in our AIP document.

Aerodrome Charts and Survey.

Type A charts available, surveyed December 2018.
Type B charts available, surveyed December 2018..
AIP charts available.

Contact Airport Operations for copies of charts.

International Flights.

Inbound international flights can be facilitated. Restrictions apply.

The Airport requires minimum 2 days’ notice to make CIQ arrangements prior to international flights as the departments are not based locally.

The Airport recommends international flights are made through a third party Flight Facilitation company.

In all instances arriving aircraft must have prior written approval from the relevant Border agencies before they can land or conduct a gas and go at Invercargill Airport.  Invercargill duty managers and/or the designated POFA operator must sight the approval prior to providing approval to land.

Invercargill Airport can handle a maximum of 14 international passengers and crew in accordance with its Port of First Arrival certification. POB exceeding 14 can be facilitated with prior notice.

Please contact Airport Management for further details.

Aircraft Landing Charges.
















Aircraft Parking Charges.


 Period Commencing  Daily Parking Charge $
 MCTOW > 60,000 kg  140
 MCTOW (40,001-60,000 kg)  115
 MCTOW (25,001-40,000 kg) 100
 MCTOW (15,001-25,000 kg)  85
 MCTOW (8,001-15,000 kg)  70
 MCTOW (5,201-8,000 kg)  50
 MCTOW (3,601-5,200 kg)  30
 MCTOW (2,801-3,600 kg)  20
 MCTOW (2,001-2,800 kg)  12
 MCTOW (1,601-2,000 kg)  10
 MCTOW (1,201-1,600 kg)  9
 MCTOW (901-1,200 kg)  8
 MCTOW (0-900 kg)  6
 Helicopters  7

Period 1 – 6 hours No charge.
Period > 6 hours The above charges are for each 24-hour period or part period (exceeding 6 hours) from time of landing.