Carparking Frequently Asked Questions

Carparking Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ticketless parking?

Our ticketless parking system is smart technology designed to make entry and exit of carparks a breeze. Removing tickets means no more lost, wet or jammed tickets. The system uses number plate recognition technology to scan vehicle number plates at car park entry and exit, automatically calculating parking fees.

When does it start?

From Monday May 13 2024 to Wednesday May 15 we will operate a hybrid system (some ticketless, some with tickets) as the new parking technology is introduced. After that date the system will be fully ticketless

How does it work?

At entry

  • The camera reads your number plate, records your time of entry and automatically opens the barrier arm
  • Drive in and park
  • Ensure you know your licence plate number (if it’s a rental car we recommend taking a photo on your phone!) if you plan to pay using our QR code

Payment & exit

  • Inside the terminal, you’ll find QR code signage located throughout
  • QR code signage is also in multiple locations in the car park
  • Scan and enter your vehicle number plate number on your phone
  • Follow the instructions for payment
  • Drive to the exit — the camera will recognise that your parking is paid, and the barrier arm rises automatically


  • Drive directly to the exit where the camera will read your licence plate number, and show the fee on the exit machine screen
  • Use eftpos, payWave, credit or debit card at the exit machine and barrier automatically rises (please note: We do not accept cash)

Is this system fully ticketless?

Yes. This is part of the airport’s ongoing sustainability drive meaning we will no longer have to print approximately 112,000 tickets per year. Parking will be a smooth and seamless process meaning no more lost or damaged tickets

What if the barrier does not open for me when entering?

Drive at the front of the terminal and look for one of our friendly staff.

Is there still free parking for drop offs and pick ups?

Absolutely. We’re happy to tell you that the free parking pick up period has increased from 20 minutes to 30 minutes which makes for a stress-free pickup as you await your guests

Where do I enter my license plate number?

You only need to enter your vehicle licence plate number if you are paying via the QR code

How much does parking cost?

Parking Charges for 2023/24 – Invercargill Airport

Can I use cash for parking?

No, sorry – you can only pay by eftpos, payWave, credit or debit card

What if I forget my licence plate number?

You only need to know your vehicle licence plate number if you are paying via the QR code otherwise drive directly to the exit

If I can’t figure it out will someone help me?

Keep an eye out for our amazing Carparking Superstars, available to assist you in the car park and the terminal. If a Carparking Superstar isn’t available or easily visible, you can press for help on the exit machines

What if I have an issue and can’t get out of the carpark?

Look out for our Carparking Superstars or call for assistance using the help button at the exit machines

What if I don’t have a smartphone to pay?

You can pay via eftpos, payWave, credit or debit card